Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yerba Buena Gardens... mostly chill spot

So, this was a good spot to walk around and sit and chill in the sun. A bit too much of a Gattaca creepy surveillance vibe to totally relax. Walking around was chill - on the move to the next spot, no worries. Across the way behind the church was fun, too - also you can walk.sit under the museum cube. Sadly, the fountains were off so here's two pics from fountainy-er times...Plus, a sweet pavilion in the sky...


Sweet panorama
attribution: Christopher Chan

SF dispensary life

SF Igzactly 420

What the Yelp?


Ahhhhhh - Love to SF! Lovelovelove to igzactly 420 - fun choices - vap lounge - home away from home.

Noteworthy strains sampled on our visit
  • bullrider
  • ak-47
  • caliwidow
  • kaia kush
  • master kush
  • strawberry diesel

from their website - sweet selection

from their website - the fishtank now has more glass for the fish to swim by -

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lunch in Golden Hill

Giorgino's Deli

Yelp review

Candy Kush-home garden

High above San Diego

Lots of lookout spots with great views

Planes, too

Canyon views on the backside

View into park from corner

BYO sour cream/A-1


paintbrushes, tools, toy guns, and quinceanera gifts